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Natural ingredients and innovative technology, united for a better health and quality of life!

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Our services overview and areas of expertise

Our in-house team of biologists, chemists, doctors and engineers are very professional, extremely educated and experienced to face the demands of our clients. We are always ready to take on new challenges when it comes to healthy and natural products

Areas of expertise and services introduction

We are always ready to take on new challenges when it comes to healthy and natural products. Depending on the client's individual requirements or services requested, we are well prepared and equipped to investigate, analyse and seek for new opportunities.

The Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technology is dedicated to:

  • Biotechnology and nutrition

  • Technology development

  • Research and product development

  • Product registration

  • Pharmacoeconomics documentation

  • High standard manufacturing

  • Food supplements and functional food

  • Cosmetics and nutricosmetics

  • Herbal teas for multiple purposes

Pharmacoeconomics and documentation services

For over 15 years, the Institute has been working with some well known companies in the industry, directly or trough their regional branches in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. Our portfolio includes Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, OlainFarm, Amgen, Celgene and Linus Medical among many others.

We are experts working on the following subjects:

  • Consultation and support for products registration

  • Economic evaluation of medical technologies

  • Market analysis for healthy food and pharmaceuticals 

  • Organizing opinion polls from the public as well as from healthcare professionals

  • Handling documentation related to pharmacoeconomics, including translation services if needed

Research and product development services​

The equipment and laboratories of the Institute allow us to work with cell cultures, carry out biochemical and microbiological analyses, develop new products and processing techniques.

Our scientists are extremely experienced and prepared to work on:

  • Preparing analytical reviews of scientific information concerning healthy food

  • Experimental evaluation of the biological effects of nutrients

  • Inventing and developing new food and nutricosmetic products

  • Development of product's active substances formulation, recipe and production technology

  • Evaluation of product's stability (including microbiological stability)

  • Study of products efficacy in vitro using also cell cultures (cellular models)

  • Preclinical and clinical testing of biologically active food supplements, including dietetic products

Contract manufacturing services

Advantages for choosing us as a partner for contract manufacturing

First of all, we value and respect our clients efforts in order to develop their business. From our side, we are strongly focused in researching, developing and manufacturing our own products - you can be assured that we will never compete with any of our clients. Our clients are the exclusive owners of the formulas and documentation of the products we manufacture for them. Unlike some others working in the same industry, confidentially and keeping the intellectual property safe is a must for the Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technology. 


When a contract is approved and the confidentiality agreements are signed, we will take full responsibility for all the works related to the manufacturing processes. Including packaging and product description to comply with the European Union requirements and standards (or other countries and states if applicable).

Some basic procedures within our scope of work:

  • Project initial preparation in order to provide an accurate quote for the client

  • Purchasing the raw materials needed ​

  • Selecting how the product will be manufactured (solid, powder, liquid, etc.) including it's individual packaging

  • Laboratory testing to assure that all standards, measures and ingredients are correct

  • Labeling and marking the product according to the industry standards and any in-country laws where it will be sold

  • Design and selection of the proper packaging and careful supervision during the production processes

  • If applicable, registering the product with the proper authorities

  • Individual and bulk packaging for shipping and safe delivery to the client

More information about contract manufacturing

Private label branding services

We manufacture in our own premises healthy supplements and functional food products. Including cosmetics and nutricosmetics, plus herbal teas for multiple purposes. The packaging of most products can also be adapted to the client's label, including some other individual requirements if they are suitable and follow the industry standards, regulations and guidelines.​

This is an absolute "win-win scenario" for both companies and the end users. Simply because we have our in-house team and equipment to cut the costs of manufacturing and labeling processes, our clients can strengthen or expand their brand and the end users will get a high quality product to meet their needs and expectations.

Under private label we can produce our existing products and develop new ones such as:​

  • herbal teas packed as loose leaves

  • healthy herbal based snacking truffles

  • food supplements (available as a powder product, can be packed in sachets, tins or bags)

  • natural drinks in shots (50 ml per individual bottle) including caffeine free energy drinks

  • fruit jams for stomach health (against helicobacteriosis, burning, maldigestion, etc.)

  • dressings, available in jars or 20 grams containers

  • mixtures of healthy plant seeds

  • mineral salt combined with herbs for food seasoning

  • potato chips (crisps) with high nutritional value

  • minerals for alkaline water, with a pH=9,6

  • innovative cosmetic and nutricosmetic products

  • muesli for stomach and intestine's health

  • orange juice based alkalizing drink concentrate (for urine stone issues, gout, physical activity)

  • anti-microbial "fito-spray" for oral cavity

  • herbal extracts with uroantiseptic effects

  • mouth rinsing concentrate (for paradontitis, gingivitis, mucosa defects etc)

More information about private label branding

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Some partners from our extensive portfolio

In our labs we developed the mineral composition for AMRITA water, to get a perfect and balanced level of pH 9.6

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We also developed some products for CeMex Farma, such as Aroma Balm Baby

FRÉNÉSIES cream, is an efficient way to stop unwanted hair to keep on growing

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