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Natural ingredients and innovative technology, united for a better health and quality of life!

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Research and product development

The equipment and laboratories of the Institute allow us to work with cell cultures, carry out biochemical and microbiological analyses, develop new products and processing techniques

Our main research and product development areas:

  • Nutritional science and study of the biological effects of natural substances in the human body, so we can produce healthy food and supplements.

  • Developing alternative methods, including deep processing of raw vegetable materials in order to increase their biological activity. 

  • Evaluating the bio-compatibility of natural ingredients as well as their safety and stability. Screening of plants and vegetable varieties in order to identify the most active ones in terms of health-improving effects.

  • Research and study of the biological effects of nutrients in the skin, mostly derived from plants, in order to develop nutricosmetic products such as face masks and body creams.

The materials available in our very well equipped laboratories allow us to work with cell cultures, carry out biochemical and microbiological analyses, develop new production and processing techniques.

Sugar abuse, a concerning fast-spread worldwide problem that we take seriously in our laboratories

Nowadays sugar it's almost everywhere, even in many “fat-free” snacks available on the market. In the past few years, international health organizations have been warning consumers about the “refined sugar hazards” and the problems related to it, such as teeth and liver problems, diabetes and obesity, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer for example. Since the beginning, one of our main mission and passion is to research and produce healthy products with no added sugar; they contain only naturally occurring sugars from the ingredients we use. We are also committed to create awareness about the so called “sugar addiction”, which can be as harmful to health as drug or alcohol addiction.

More information about sugar abuse and health related problems...

Our ongoing research about Dementia and Alzheimer's prevention

Dementia and Alzheimer's is becoming a huge global problem, not only affecting the individuals health and quality of life, but also the life of their friends and caring families. Those issues also have a huge financial impact within their family and governmental health departments. Quoting some words and facts from "The Times" (30/01/2017), this year and only in the UK, more than 225 000 people will be diagnosed with Dementia and by 2025 the total number of people with those symptoms will be over a million.


As scientists know, Dementia is not treatable and the existing medicines are not really effective. However, during the last decade a lot of studies have been done in order to prevent those diseases. Our teams have been working very hard studying, researching and using their extensive knowledge, in order to find innovative and positive ways to prevent such problems.

Research and product development is also conducted in collaboration with other scientific institutions in Latvia and other countries, with participation of students of the University оf Latvia, Rīga Stradiņš University and Riga Technical University.

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