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Sugar abuse and health awareness

A concerning fast-spread worldwide problem that we take seriously!

How much sugar are you ingesting without even knowing it?

Not everyone is aware, but nowadays sugar can be found in most food products and it’s controlling many people’s lives – not only because of sweets, soft drinks or chocolate, but it can also be found in cooking sauces, most types of bread, dairy, pasta, meat products, on and on. Even in many “fat-free” snacks available on the market!


In the past few years, international health organizations have been warning consumers about the “refined sugar hazards” and the problems related to it, such as teeth and liver problems, diabetes and obesity, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer for example.

Since the beginning, one of our main mission and passion is to produce tasty and healthy products with no added sugar; they contain only naturally occurring sugars from the ingredients we use. We are also committed to create awareness about the so called “sugar addiction”, which can be as harmful to health as drug or alcohol addiction.

There are two kinds of sugar - the widespread white refined "table sugar" (sucrose), commonly found in sweets, chocolate, soft drinks and in most types of processed food. In other hand, there are the naturally occurring sugars found in fruit, vegetables, full fat dairy, honey and unrefined carbohydrates. In short, all our products contain only those natural occurring sugars from fruits, vegetables, whole grains and similar ingredients. Simply healthy and natural!

Some external links with more information and health related issues

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From the American Cancer Society, published by Hope Cristol

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From the BBC iWonder platform


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