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a registered brand from the Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technology

natural ingredients and innovative technology, united for a better health and quality of life!

Our core ideology and some featured products

Our mission and what we do best

The main mission of the Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technology and FitoBalt® products is to keep on using healthy ingredients and innovative technology -  "united for a better health and quality of life... Naturally!"

How we can do it even better

We use natural ingredients combined with innovative technologies, such as fractionation and ultrafiltration, among others. In fact, some of our techniques, procedures and products are patented and registered internationally.

Why we will keep on doing it

Based on all of our researches and studies, we know that natural ingredients and functional food products can lead to a better and healthier lifestyle. In a fast changing world, our body and mind health has to prevail!

FitoBalt BetaVuSan


This is one of our leading products, a innovative and clinically tested food supplement for the cardiovascular system and a healthy heart!

Suitable for professional and amateur athletes, teenagers, adults, everyone seeking for an iron supplement and most importantly, elderly people

BetaVuSan® is a natural product made from red beetroot juice and aids the cardiovascular system health, improving life quality. We use a special strain of red beetroot and a unique membrane technology, involving juice fractionation by ultrafiltration in the process. Using this unique technology, it became possible to get a very healthy product without that peculiar beetroot taste that you can find in other similar products. It also stimulates the iron absorption in the intestine and the hemoglobin synthesis. BetaVuSan® is recommended in case of anemia, as well as ischemic heart disease.

FitoBalt® Night Snack

A healthy herbal snack to regulate the appetite and obesity.

FitoBalt® BetaHEP-Extra®

For a healthy liver! A natural product to enhance the liver function.

FitoBalt® Kumat

Made of natural substances to support the body immune system.

FitoBalt® Perkons

Herbal mouthwash concentrate for the mouth tissue regeneration.

FitoBalt® Shining eye

The FitoBalt® Shining eye is a ultralight gel for skin care around the eyes with a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

FitoBalt® Balerina

The FitoBalt® Balerina is a anti-cellulite thermo application for skin, specifically developed for the dry joint zones such as elbows, knees and feet.

FitoBalt® Magic Apple

The FitoBalt® Magic Apple is a innovative cream for skin ageing and rejuvenation, that causes a "near immediate effect".

FitoBalt® Antiparasitic tea
FitoBalt® Don't Sleep
FitoBalt® For Good Vision

"My wife saw some websites selling FitoBalt® Antiparasitic tea. She was curious and decided to buy from them, even if the price was very high. I searched online for other alternatives for future orders and found that Fitobalt® is not the name of the tea, it's the brand name of the Institute. After contacting them directly, we managed to buy the original Antiparasitic tea and other products cheaper than the single bag of tea my wife bought before. Now all our family is using this tea and other FitoBalt® products, we are very satisfied and feel much better."

Francesco B.

Systems Engineer, Italy

"Don't Sleep helps me to concentrate and keep's me awake every time I need. When it comes to be a nurse at a busy hospital, there are loads of tasks and duties that surpass our natural energy, My organism can't take energy drinks full of sugars an caffeine, Don't Sleep has a natural effect in my body and it does the job!"

Audrey S.

Hospital Nurse, UK

"I am using For Good Vision for some time. It's a really good product for the eyes and the eyesight. Yes, of course - my minuses didn't disappear as a miracle, but my eyes are less tired now. I can focus better on my computer or phone screen no matter if I am at home or at work."

Kristina M.

Civil Servant, Latvia

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Our products are now available online!


Buying directly from us our clients can be assured that they will get only genuine products at an affordable price. As usual, our products can also be purchased individually through our distribution partners, FitoBalt® shops and licensed retailers. For wholesale queries or distribution opportunities please contact

Our presence on the latest events and international trade shows

• Zdravookhraneniye - Kazakhstan 2016​

• VitaFood - Switzerland 2014​

• CPhl Worldwide - Germany 2013​

• World of Private Label - Netherlands 2013​

• World Food - Azerbaijan 2013​

• Cosmoprof Worldwide - Italy 2013​

• Baltic Beauty - Latvia 2012​

• Expopharma - Germany 2011​

• Riga Food - Latvia 2011

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