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Private label services facts and information

The packaging of most of our products can also be adapted to the client's label, including some other individual requirements if they are suitable and follow the industry standards, regulations and guidelines

What is private label and how companies can get higher profits

Private label allows companies to market manufactured and tested products as their own. You can easily enhance and/or expand your company's product range without having to worry about making the products yourself.


Private label services can save time, money and effort as compared to product development from scratch. There are also low start-up costs and your private label manufacturer's experience limits your risk. You also enjoy higher profit margins and better control over inventory.

The difference between private label and contract manufacturing

In a contract manufacturing business model, you approach a contract manufacturer with your own product or formula and ask them to make it for you. The contract manufacturer will quote the job based on processes, labor, tooling, and material costs. For the agreed-upon price, the contract manufacturer acts as your factory, producing and shipping units of the product on your behalf. A private label company, on the other hand, has a stock of formulas ready to be packed and sold under your brand name.

Advantages for choosing us as a partner

Our innovative and healthy products are manufactured and packed in our facilities, however they can also be sold by other companies under their own brand. This service allows our clients to take their brand to the next level. In short, we are a first-tier supplier of the product and our client handles his brand, marketing and sales.

This is an absolute "win-win scenario" for both companies and the end users. Simply because we have our in-house team and equipment to cut the costs of manufacturing and labeling processes, our clients can strengthen or expand their brand and the end users will get a high quality product to meet their needs and expectations.

Whether you're looking to start up a new brand or expand your current product line, the Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technology and FitoBalt® has all the resources and experience you may need to develop the products. Choose from an exclusive selection of ready-to-brand private label healthy supplements and functional food products, herbal teas, cosmetics and nutricosmetics, in a variety of dosages and delivery forms. Give products your own personal touch by choosing packaging, adding your brand name and designing a custom label. 

The Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technology and FitoBalt® assures top quality and healthy products that adhere to the standards and regulations. All our products have already been formulated, tested and certified.

Under private label your company can sell our existing products or develop new ones such as:


  • herbal teas packed as loose leaves

  • healthy herbal based snacking truffles

  • food supplements (available as a powder product, can be packed in sachets, tins or bags)

  • natural drinks in shots (50 ml per individual bottle) including caffeine free energy drinks

  • fruit jams for stomach health (against helicobacteriosis, burning, maldigestion, etc.)

  • dressings, available in jars or 20 grams containers

  • mixtures of healthy plant seeds

  • mineral salt combined with herbs for food seasoning

  • potato chips (crisps) with high nutritional value

  • minerals for alkaline water, with a pH=9,6

  • innovative cosmetic and nutricosmetic products

  • muesli for stomach and intestine's health

  • orange juice based alkalizing drink concentrate (for urine stone issues, gout, physical activity)

  • anti-microbial "fito-spray" for oral cavity

  • herbal extracts with uroantiseptic effects

  • mouth rinsing concentrate (for paradontitis, gingivitis, mucosa defects etc)

Why clients choose our private label services

Private label services

How we can help to build or strengthen your brand

Private label services
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