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KUMAT antivir - a natural option to fight against cold and flu

A composition of natural plants to fight against cold and flu


Influenza (usually called flu) and the "common cold" are acute respiratory viral infections and they are some of the most wide-spread diseases in the world.


As known and proved, antibiotics don’t have much impact on viruses but are required to treat severe bacterial infections. However, they are often prescribed wrongly or misused for cold and flu symptoms - this will develop new varieties of bacterial resistance in the human body fighting the antibiotics effects.

There is a wide range of antiviral drugs in the market, however our scientists invented and developed KUMAT antivir, based and produced only with natural ingredients.


KUMAT antivir inhibits viral reproduction, promotes innate immunity, has an adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.


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KUMAT antivir - a natural option to fight against cold and flu

SKU: KumatAntivirx4

Each box contains: 4 individual sachets of 5.5 grams each


Total weight per box: 45grams


Format: Powder

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