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FitoBalt Kumat Antivir


a registered brand from the Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technology

Kumat Antivir

Product information and health related facts

Kumat Antivir is a composition of natural plants for cold and flu.

Influenza (usually called flu) and the "common cold" are acute respiratory viral infections and they are some of the most wide-spread diseases in the world. As known and proved, antibiotics don’t have much impact on viruses but are required to treat severe bacterial infections. However, they are often prescribed wrongly or misused for cold and flu symptoms - this will develop new varieties of bacterial resistance in the human body fighting the antibiotics effects.

There is a wide range of antiviral drugs in the market, however our scientists invented and developed Kumat Antivir, based and produced only with natural ingredients. Kumat Antivir inhibits viral reproduction, promotes innate immunity, has an adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.

Our teams at the Institute keep on searching new preventive options for cold and flu such as Kumat Antivir because: 

  • epidemic cases are usually at a large-scale

  • pharmaceutical antiviral drugs can be expensive and not available to everyone

  • there are many varieties of influenza, constantly changing due to viruses mutation

Kumat Antivir is suitable for the following groups of people


As a preventive measure, it can be used by anyone that start to feel the early symptoms of cold and flu - feeling "feverish", cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle or body aches, fatigue, etc. It is also recommended for everyone that already suffer from the full symptoms and need to recover faster. Suitable for Vegans.


Usage, indications and product packaging

It should be used at the first signs of cold or flu, take one sachet a day and during four days. Mix the sachet in a cup of approximately 200 milliliters of hot water and stir well. The cup can be consumed all at once or save half for later if you prefer. For children over 12 years old use half sachet. Honey can be added to enhance immunity and for a sweeter flavor.

Not recommended for anyone with allergy to any other of it's ingredients or children under 12 years old. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Food supplements shouldn't be taken as an alternative to a balanced and healthy diet. No added sugar, it contains only natural sugar. This product can be used by people with diabetes.

Nutritional information per 5.5 g:  

Energy 80 kJ/ 19 kcal

Total fat 0 g of which saturated fat 0 g

Total carbohydrates 5.12 g of which  sugars 1.7 g

Protein 0 g

Salt 0 g

Vitamin C 70 mg (87% of NRV*)

*Nutrient reference value

Store this product away from direct sunlight and below 25 ºС (77 ºF). Keep away from children.

Each box contains 4 individual sachets.

Main ingredients

Extracts of black elderberries, green tea, milk thistle and black pepper, curcumin, fermented apple cider powder, vitamin C.

Where to buy our products

This product is manufactured only by the Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technology and is available for wholesale or private label. It can be purchased individually through our distribution partners, FitoBalt® shops, licensed retailers or in our Online Retail Shop


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