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For Good Vision - a natural way to improve the eyesight quality (is liquid)

Natural juice with herbal extracts and vitamins for a better eyesight


Spending a lot of time working on the computer, using the mobile phone or watching TV? Nowadays everyone does it, however there are more and more reports on how this kind of lifestyle can affect your eyesight. One of the problems reported is the so called "computer vision syndrome".


People working in certain areas that have to use the computer daily at work, focus on the phone screen all the time, then go home and watch TV for long hours are at risk. Because that can put a real strain on your eyes and create problems with the eyesight.


One of the main natural ingredients of For Good Vision is blueberries, because they have a very positive impact on visual acuity. This amazing fruit, combined with the right herbal extracts and vitamins can definitely improve your vision quality.


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For Good Vision - a natural way to improve the eyesight quality (is liquid)

SKU: ForGoodVision6x50ml

IMPORTANT Information: This product is liquid and by law it cannot be shipped by regular Post! If you add this product to your shopping cart, please ensure that you select one of the other options available, such as Courier or Express Mail.


Each box contains: 6 individual bottles of 50 ml (6x50ml)


Total weight per box: 420grams


Format: Liquid

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