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Thyroid health tea - to normalize the thyroid gland

To normalize the Thyroid gland


The Thyroid health herbal tea improves and helps to normalize the thyroid gland, with a sedative action. The thyroid gland is very important to normalize the human body metabolism. Hyperthyroidism for example, is a condition that occurs when the thyroid gland builds up too many hormones, often causing the body's metabolism to accelerate. Most symptoms include a rapid heart rate, heart palpitations, goiter, increased perspiration, tremors, anxiety, increased appetite, weight loss, sleeping problems and swollen eyes.


The Thyroid health herbal tea formula was developed to help and relieve most of those symptoms and thyroid conditions, including hyperthyroidism. 


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How to use this herbal tea: In a empty cup put a tablespoon of the mix leaves and add boiling water, then let it rest for 30 minutes before consuming. Drink half of the cup two times a day before meals.


All FitoBalt® teas are healthy, totally safe and very effective for their specific purposes; most importantly - always 100% natural!

Thyroid health tea - to normalize the thyroid gland

SKU: ThyroidTea50g

Product packaging: The bag contains loose leaves with approximately 50 grams weight


Total weight per pack: 90grams


Format: Dry leaves

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