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Cold Cream - for skin moisture or makeup removal

Developed and inspired by traditional homemade beauty products


Basically, the common cold cream is an emulsion of water and oil, most typically used to cleanse the face, moisturize the skin or remove makeup. 


But our cold cream is not only based on that. We use olive oil, Cetyl palmitate (a natural fatty acid found in some plants), cocoa butter and Retinyl Acetate (vitamin A). When properly combined, this mixture of ingredients is extremely high in antioxidants. 


We also use Borax (Sodium tetraborate), this is a "wonder ingredient" for skin cleaning and other beauty products. Borax is alkaline and is often used in homemade recipes like exfoliating creams.


The Cold Cream stimulates revitalization and hydrates the skin deeply, improving it's elasticity, texture and tone. It helps to reduce wrinkles, refreshes and creates a smooth feeling of comfort.​


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Cold Cream - for skin moisture or makeup removal

SKU: ColdCream50g

Product packaging: Each container has approximately 50 grams


Total weight: 70 grams


Format: Cream

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