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Antitussive tea - calms dry or nagging coughs

For coughing and throat irritation


The Antitussive herbal tea helps efficiently to calm dry or nagging coughs. Its antitussive properties will also reduce asthmatic coughing. Will alleviate cold and flu symptoms increasing the body immunity. This tea has a formula designed to strengthen and support the respiratory system.


Our blend of plants nourishes the throat and lung tissue boosting the body's natural defenses, helping to clean the respiratory tract and supporting a more clear and comfortable breathing.


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How to use this herbal tea: In a empty cup put a tablespoon of the mix leaves and add boiling water, then let it rest for 30 minutes before consuming. Drink one third of the cup three times a day before meals.


All FitoBalt® teas are healthy, totally safe and very effective for their specific purposes; most importantly - always 100% natural!

Antitussive tea - calms dry or nagging coughs

SKU: AntitussiveTea50g

Product packaging: The bag contains loose leaves with approximately 50 grams weight


Total weight per pack: 90grams


Format: Dry leaves

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