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FitoBalt BetaHEP-Extra


a registered brand from the Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technology


Product information and health related facts

BetaHEP-Extra® is another of our patented products. Obtained from a particular sort of red beetroot juice and using a innovative membrane technology. This product has a scientifically proved efficiency and was tested with stem cells, forming fat cells and other related studies.

It helps digestion and increases the liver and body detoxification process, supports efficiently the immune system and a healthy intestinal flora because it contains natural antioxidants. One of the main effects is lowering the level of so-called “bad” cholesterol in the blood and increasing of the level of the “good” one, which has a particularly significant role in maintaining everyone's health.

One of the principal effects of BetaHEP-Extra® is enhancing the liver function, especially for those who have been diagnosed with liver steatosis, commonly called "fatty liver".

BetaHEP-Extra® is suitable for the following groups of people


Everyone that needs to detox the liver and other organs, lower cholesterol and fight obesity, maintain a healthy and detoxed life, etc.This product may be used by people with diabetes but is not recommended for children under 12 years old. Suitable for Vegans.

Usage, indications and product packaging

The average user should drink 50 up to 100 ml a day, taking 50 ml before the main meals. BetaHEP-Extra® can be diluted with water before usage.


It is not recommended for anyone with allergy to beetroots or any other of it's ingredients. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Food supplements shouldn't be taken as an alternative to a balanced and healthy diet. No added sugar, it contains only natural sugar. This product may change color from deep red to brown, because of the natural red beetroot juice pigmentation.

Nutritional information per 100 ml:

Energy 163 kJ/ 39 kcal

Total fat 0 g of which saturates 0 g 

Total carbohydrate < 8 g of which sugars < 7.7 g 

Protein 0.7 g

Salt 0.08 g

Vitamin C 50 mg (63% of NRV*)

* Nutrient reference value

Salt content is due to the presence of naturally occurring sodium.

Store this product away from direct sunlight and below 25 ºС (77 ºF). Keep away from children. Shake the bottle before using. 

Each box contains 6 individual bottles of 50 ml (6x50ml)

Main ingredients

Fractionated and ultrafiltrated red beetroot juice, citric and ascorbic acid.

Where to buy our products

This product is manufactured only by the Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technology and is available for wholesale or private label. It can be purchased individually through our distribution partners, FitoBalt® shops, licensed retailers or in our Online Retail Shop


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