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Night Snack - regulates the appetite with a soothing action

A healthy herbal snack option. So, there is no guilt attached!


Ever heard that old expression "keep your mouth shut", when talking about weight and diets with your friends? Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it sounds, especially due to the strong evidence that food addiction is a biochemical condition, similar to drug or alcohol addiction, which creates a psychological craving for specific foods.


Night Snack is a truffle made from natural ingredients only. The formula of this product is designed to provide a feeling of fullness and inner satisfaction, by increasing the amount of food in the stomach, directly oppressing appetite and having a soothing action.


Night Snack has a general positive effect on the digestive system and the whole body, while at the same time strengthens the immune system.


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Night Snack - regulates the appetite with a soothing action

SKU: NightSnack12truffles

Each pack contains: 12 truffles of 22 millimeters each


Total weight per pack: 140grams


Format: Solid

Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the European Medicines Agency (EU) or by the Food and Drug Administration (US). Food supplements shouldn't be taken as an alternative to a balanced and healthy diet; they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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